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Swiwi Farm

Here at Swiwi Farm we might be doing some things a bit different... we believe in a holistic and sustainable approach in all aspects of life.

Our animals: Our animals are part of our family and we treat them accordingly, trying our best to allow them to live their natural behaviors and fulfill their needs as good as possible. This includes taking care of their environment, tailor their nutrition and enable them to have social interactions and space to move.

Teaching: Our teaching is aimed at understanding underlying reasons for a behavior and communicate in an 'easy to understand' way which enables us to foster team work and joy between rider and horse. We don't teach a method - we teach understanding. This includes elements of natural horsemanship, biomechanic, classical dressage and more. 

Breeding: We have specialised in two rare breeds here in New Zealand - the Icelandic Horse and the Warlander. We are excited to share these two breeds with the wider horse community!

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