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Training and Lessons

at Swiwi Farm

experience the difference

Working with the horse to improve its well-being


Here at Swiwi Farm we cater for all ages and it is my dedication to combine knowledge with a fun-filled and relaxed environment to create and support a healthy and sustainable relationship between horse and rider. 


I am passionate about coaching both to achieve their goals in a relaxed, harmonious and sustainable way. My aim is to make contemporary knowledge in biomechanic and behavioral science understandable for everyone, from child to trainer.

If you are coming for a lesson or have your horse in  training here, I will be focusing on finding the underlying issue to a problem. I therefore don't teach a certain method but rather use the knowledge available to get to the source of it. 

During our lessons I will be emphasising on the importance of understanding the natural behavior of the horses and the resulting reactions as this is in my eyes just as important than the correct seat and aids. This means natural horsemanship, groundwork, watching the horses in their natural habitat and theory are all just as much part of the lessons as is the actual riding.

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