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Swiwi Farming & Equestrian is a small family business established in 2017 and owned and operated by our whole family: Franziska, Eden and our three children. Our main focus is in providing outstanding quality and a high level of commitment. We pride ourselves to go the extra mile for our customers and animals alike.

Our breeding focus lies on improving the bloodlines for booth our breeds and providing the young-stock with the best start in life through tailored nutrition, a good herd environment and consistent and calm handling from day one. Both, the Icelandic horse and the Warlander are listed as rare breeds in New Zealand, and we are excited to be the first official Warlander Stud in this country. 

Our teaching and training has a holistic approach and is based on the most recent knowledge available in equine behavior, biomechanic and teaching techniques.

Franziska holds a wide range of qualifications spanning from Primary and Tertiary Teacher to Horse Paramedic, from Traditional Human Massage to LTJ-Groundwork and from Outdoor Guide to Business Management. 

We are excited to soon embark on a new journey with our smaller horse-lovers.... keep checking in!! :D




Miniature with attitude

Abby is our oldest horse on the farm but she has the energy of a youngster. She is full of attitude and loves going on adventures with her small riders. 



Head of mischief

Fox is a Welsh A and was the first foal born with us. He still has plenty of silly ideas on how to make the day more interesting. He loves to be with us humans and is up for any adventures. 



Chief of gentle

Desi is our Icelandic breeding mare as well as our trusted riding horse. Careful and caring, she looks after her rider and foals alike. 



Careful inspector

Fafnir's history is as rich as a pirate's treasure chest, but not all of it was as shiny and joyful. He is slowly regaining his trust in himself and humans in general. He is Franziska's horse and likes to watch from afar.



Spanish dancer

Minky is our Spanish mumma. She can dance and prance around or she can take it slow and steady and gently swing her insecure riders in a smoothing trot. 

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