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Training at Swiwi Farm


We offer short and long term training for your horses here at our property. This includes agistment and daily tending to.


After a short assessment we will decide together with you what I think is the priority and how I will structure my approach.


I will keep you included in the training as much as possible as I believe we are only a "helping hand" and feel I have done a great job when you can move forward by yourself. I don't want to create a dependency on me - but rather get you confident and able to take the reins and lead your way. 


If you feel we could be of assistance to you and your horse please don't hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation chat or come by and visit us. 

We are looking forward to meeting you and your horse!






experience the difference


Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege to work with ponies and horses of all backgrounds, sizes and shapes. Each one came with its own story and needs and taught me something (or many things) on the way. Here is a small selection of those that I kept pictures of... 

Fafnir - Icelandic Horse

Fafnir was purchased as a horse for myself. For the first half year we were unable to get to him in the paddock as he was too scared and would rear if cornered. We have been working with him to gain his trust combined with long intervals of being turned out. He has slowly progressed and is now ridden by myself when time permits. He still is hesitant to be touched especially by strangers but is interested in humans and follows us in the paddock - with a meter or two distance ;-) He has a beautiful toelt and we are looking forward to many more trail rides with him.

Heykir - Icelandic Horse

Heykir came to us as a high strung, tense horse who struggled to organise his gaits and manners. Being a strong character, he needed calm and consistent handling and to learn to relax and stretch. His work was aimed at strengthening his core and back end, giving him a better balance to sort his many gaits. He progressed on to have more lateral movements, improve his self-carriage and separate his gaits clearly. He is now back with his owner and they are continuing his training together.

Nox - Icelandic Horse mix

Nox is the daughter of Calma and was still suckling on her mother at 4 years of age. She had not been handled and was profoundly obese. We first had to wean her off her mother and change her diet to prevent her from developing health issues. With a nutritional plan in place and with work from the ground and taxiing from other horses she slowly gained a healthier body and with this she became more agile in her mind too. The herd environment taught her more ground manners than we would have ever been able to do and she started to become more and more responsive to body language. Nox went on to find an incredible home as a friend for life!

Calma - Icelandic Horse mix

Calma came to me with her 4 year old daughter still not weaned off. With no ground manners and not broken to saddle we had to start from scratch. She progressed nicely with her calm and willing nature and continued on to be a great leisure horse and even ended up in harness. 

Guinness - Mixed breed

Guinness was my first horse to have from 'cradle to grave'. He was out of Laukka, Irish Tinker, father unknown. A great teacher, he challenged me and pushed me on many levels, teaching me more than I ever thought possible by one horse. Gentle yet fiery, he could look after a small child and offer you a canter pirouette all in one ride. Due to a paddock injury we had to let him go at the young age of 4 years. This put a hold on my riding activities for some years as his loss was too raw. 

Laukka - Irish Tinker (Gypsy Cob)

Laukka was purchased as a leisure horse for a middle aged lady. Unknowingly to the new owner, she was pregnant, probably conceived during her transport from Ireland to Switzerland. She had an old scar on her left hind leg and wouldn't let anyone touch her leg. Trimming/hoof care was only possible under full sedation. After her foal was weaned she started to rear up and attack her handler on the ground. 

Working with her it was important to keep her mind and body busy as well as work on her trust and balance. With an improved balance and trust she slowly started to tolerate her leg being handled and was finally able to be trimmed by anyone without any further measurements. Her ground manners became impeccable and she ended up being a great leisure horse, going on multi day treks and competing in low level dressage test, ridden by the middle aged lady returning to riding as well as later a teen. 

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