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Our Breeding Mares

Breeding at Swiwi Farm

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Our Horses

Here at Swiwi Farm we believe in quality before quantity. We only have a small breeding herd and our mares get regular breaks from breeding to be ridden and to continue their training. 

All our young stock is growing up in a mixed aged herd where they learn the natural behavior and can grow and mature with tailored nutrition and regular handling. 

Our Breeds

We have specialised in two rare breeds  - the Icelandic Horse and the Warlander. Both come with their unique traits and needs. We are excited to be the first Warlander stud here in New Zealand and feel very privileged to be part of an ever-growing Icelandic community. 

For sale 

Every so often we have one of our foals or young stock for sale. If you are interested in one of them, please get in contact with us. Otherwise you are always welcome and visit us and get to know our mares

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Our breeding mares



Muñeca de Plata

PRE (Pura Raza Espanola)

DOB 7/11/2010

Minky is our registered Spanish breeding mare and mother of our first registered Warlander foal Aroha. 


Her foals are:

 - 2019 Aroha

- 2021 Bolero

She is our gentle giant and has a soft soul. She loves attention and cuddles and is amazing with our young riders.



Aroha from Swiwifarm


DOB 2/11/2019

Aroha is our first Warlander. She is out of Minky and by Floris, Friesian Stallion from Glenrose Friesians.  

She will become our first Warlander breeding mare once she has grown and matured.

She is a very inquisitive and friendly mare, full of energy and floating movements and with a love of human interaction. There is no such thing as too much scratches, cuddles and rubs! 



Desiloa from Lukka

Icelandic Horse

DOB 2006

Desi is our first Icelandic Horse breeding mare. Her foals so far are:

(- 2012 Draumur) 

(- 2013 Gasella)

- 2018 Arvakur 

- 2020 Blidur

- 2021 Callie

Desi is a very gentle and kind horse, wanting to please and takes great care of her riders and foals alike.


She is four gaited with her toelt slowly but surely emerging more and more. 



Heiða from Heatherlea

Icelandic Horse

DOB 2017

Heitha is our future second Icelandic breeding mare. She has just given us her first foal:

- 2023 Dili

Heitha is very curious and just loves human interaction. She could spend all day with you and will follow you everywhere you go in the paddock. 


She is four gaited with a  very light and floating toelt and clear separated gaits. 

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