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Lessons at Swiwi Farm

Our aim

Our lessons here at Swiwi Farm are aimed at empowering you to take the reins and advance on your riding journey. I focus on giving you the knowledge and understanding to progress in your work with your horse rather than creating a dependability on me as an instructor. 


It is my priority to maintain and/or improve the horses well-being through our work with them. This requires us to look at the horse's biomechanic, physical and mental state and aiming at positively influencing these.


We offer lessons for rider of all ages and capabilities. 

Lessons can be hold here at Swiwi Farm on our all-weather arena or on the trails. We have our headsets available to make sure you can hear us at all times and we can support you accurately and timely. We also have the Pixio-Camera-Robot available on request to film your lesson. 

I can also travel to your place for lessons. There will be a small surcharge for petrol depending on location.

Lessons on our horses might be available on request.

Gaited horses

I am excited to work with you and your gaited horse to improve its balance and help it to separate its gaits better. Just like any athlete out there, our horses need the flexibility and strength to be able to perform at their best - let's give them the support they need. 

Our young riders

We are very excited to soon embark on a new journey focusing on our young riders and horse lovers. Watch this space - or even better, get in contact with us if you like to know more!


Lesson with your own horse (roughly 60min) = $60

Pixio camera use together with lesson = $20 



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