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Our Philosophy

Combining passion with knowledge

"I am passionate about coaching horse and rider to achieve their goals in a relaxed, harmonious and sustainable way. My aim is to make contemporary knowledge in biomechanic and behavioral science understandable for everyone, from child to trainer.

Before moving to New Zealand I had worked for about 10 years in the rehabilitation and retraining of ponies and horses of all breeds, sizes, ages. Using my knowledge of the LTJ- groundwork methods, ‘natural horsemanship’ based on behavioral science available at the time, and the knowledge gained in classical dressage, I had specialised in working with troubled horses. I had also competed successfully in pony races and mounted pony games up to reserve Swiss champion and was one of the first (and youngest) horse paramedics in Switzerland.

In more recent years I have started to focus more on the biomechanics of horse and riders and the impact of the wider environment on us, our horses and our interaction. I have a strong focus on viewing the horse and its rider in a holistic way and basing their training on the knowledge available in biomechanics and behavioural studies. I am now trying to integrate newly gained insights into the gait specific work into the overall framework of understanding and training the horses in a sustainable way.

My professional training as a teacher, both on primary and tertiary level, have taught me to adjust my teaching to the appropriate level of my students and to accommodate to a wide range of learning styles and preferences. I was fortunate enough to see the incredible impact the work with horses can have on behavioral issues and how it can help people to focus, relax and overcome personal obstacles.

Through my work as an outdoor guide as well as working in professional coaching and in managerial positions, I have gained a strong desire to get people to explore new avenues and move outside of their comfort zones. I’m a strong believer that in order to learn and grow we need to try new ways and explore new territory.

And last but not least, my training in classical massage as well as Thai massage have allowed me to gain a good insight and understanding of the biomechanics of the rider.

All these different aspects of my education and training are coming together in my work with the horses and rider - it is my passion to combine knowledge with a fun-filled and relaxed environment to create and support a healthy and sustainable relationship.” - Franziska Gloor, SWIWI Farming & Equestrian

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